Loving Mother Bear

190519 Family.jpg

Máthair of the triad
Beauties to our home
Inspired in love and joy
Life melodic poem




190509 Lionness.jpg


Máthair of the triad
Each cherub adored
Lionness in provision
Hand held accord





Athlete compete in paul vault


Máthair of the triad
Bars set high
Confidence instilling
Shouldering each cry




190509 pearl


Máthair of the triad
Blessings to the world
Eternally belaying children
Mothering of the pearled



190509 Wolves on mountain.jpg


Máthair of the triad
Tall mountains climbed
Wolf to the consort
Each nestling primed







190509 Mother Bear 2.jpg



Máthair of the triad
Raising in care
Each child cherished
Loving mother bear











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