The Dove

The uni-Verse Within

The shivering is constant. The permafrost tearing deep into my soul.

“So cold,” I think, “So dark. Why so dark?”

The pressure of the deep makes it impossible to catch my breath. 

My ears are completely blocked from the tide’s density and barely audible turbulence.

The frigid ocean surrounds me on all sides now as I continue to sink into the black expanse.

160601 dark-water“My head, my chest, bursting … they are going to burst!” I scream into the gloom. “Please God. Please. No mas!”

“Breathe. Breathe,” reverberates from the remoteness as my efforts falter and a burden intensifies.

The darkness, the coldness, the pressure. My body acknowledges each as my cells are vised and deserted I descend into its depths.

“I am afraid, God. Very afraid. Please …”

My descent continues into perpetuity with all of my emotional nakedness strewn into the eternal darkness.

“No. No. My heart is breaking but…

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