“Forget healthCARING no more relationship commentate”

This piece was written on a plane on the way home from an amazing partner where relationship, authentic connection and trust between clinicians and patients and families are truly driving improvement in quality, safety and care.

171027 Business-Medicine-health-check2

It was also written shortly after receiving feedback from a number of respected sources who were adamant, the business of medicine was of most importance at this time, and as a former CFO, my messages should remain in that space …


Forget healthCARING no more relationship commentate

Business utility share thee
Capital, all want we
Heart and connection no more
Humanistic focus a bore

Fiscal affairs drive views
And those stats, our cues
Speak thereof margin and cost
Empathy notion be lost

Peddling feelings a farce
Compassion and sympathy no mas
Compelling and sexy not be
Another empty Dead Sea

CFO, talk numbers
As pipes do plumbers
You have no right to be daring
Forget all this healthCARING

Advertisers demand change
Precipitate currency exchange
Now no more relationship commentate
Strictly financials innovate

Now quiet that voice
Thou truly no choice
Machine controls the masses
Road less traveled leads lashes

Margins widening we win
Harming patients no sin
Increased funding helps all
Board meetings stand tall

Lost soul lost lives
System cuts like knives
Without heart and grace
Lest humanity embrace

Fear not, dig deep
Bore to the keep
We harm those who need
Harm all we heed

Courage, no virtue
Bottom line to pursue
What lies in our wake
Each community forsake

And yet, only together again
Stepping away from this sin
Will we regain our rudder
And truly love each other

Lone voice reviled, last bastion
Compelled driving the passion
Alone again, last gasp
Avoiding lost souls wrath’s asp


171027 stethoscope-money-medicine-business-medical-cost-debt-1080x663I respectively disagree that the business side of medicine is of most importance. In fact, I submit that when business outweighs quality, safety and care (healthCARING) we do the most damage to those who need us most.



I also respectively disagree that anyone regardless of title or position (or other ‘definer’) should be placed in a box and limited in thinking and sharing. (In fact, this limited thinking is one key barrier to us improving the safety of our patients even after the IOM 1999 call to action ‘To err is Human’: Building a Safer Health System‘).



Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
And that has made all the difference.

~ Robert Frost – The Road Not Taken

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