Hiking a book

As I walked with Gabriel this afternoon …

160905 Gabriel and toy

While processing the latest book milestone …

160905 milestone

I received the following via text from my oldest daughter Samantha

160905 Sammy from LinkedIn

And she nailed it.


Dad, I decided writing a book is like hiking..

160905 hiking trails


Anticipation to get there..


Excitement for something new when you begin..

160905 mountain feet


Start climbing and you begin to question yourself..


Along the way you catch your breath and decide it’s not so bad..

160905 peaceful view - water


Then the big incline begins and you’re like fuck this why did I even start..


You struggle, want to give up..

160905 broken bridge


You start to slow down and think about how great it’s going to be when you are finally at the top..


You get another wind and decide to just fucking go for it..

160905 cliff


Finally you’re there, you did it..


You stay there admiring your hard work and how much mental strength that just took..

160905 at the top


Now it’s time to go back down..

160905 decent


Rock on Sammy … thank you!

160905 rocky at top



* Much gratitude to Jon Peter Dahlborg, Jr. for the amazing terrain photos


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