A leading fortress in love and in kind

Quaked eruptions beginning to fall
Walls tumbling vulnerable to all

Pierced together like self-art token
Pained and tortured ones heart broken

Tearing down moment by moment
Embracing the test each weakened opponent

Disconnecting identity ascetic scene
Fallen soul … each remembrance keen

And yet just as the Phoenix rises again
Never oneself despising chagrin

And as Apollo acts the beast of burden
And the Son rises beyond the curtain

Hold the fort stand forever tall
Not fearing the sight available to all

Arise the Soul fearless and clear
Broken arrow brings darkness near

Behold the Light majestic and humble
Boldly forward never fearing a stumble

Each mistake owned each error forgiven
Each step brave each motion driven

Stronger each day in heart and in mind
A leading fortress in love and in kind


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