The opportunity to feel today

To be gifted with the opportunity to witness …
the pain and anguish of a fellow human being

To be offered the chance to feel …
the heartache and loss of another soul

To be allowed to pull back the curtain …
and experience overwhelming grief and torment of the spirit


There are moments when one knows …
“I must hug my children and tell them I love them”

There are times when a Dad reaches …
out with all of his being to hold his children one more time

There are instances when a Mom’s love …
embraces her family in a blanket of safety as her heart melts

There are times when one realizes …
I must let go


Today because of you …
I have felt all of these emotions

Thank you


Thank you for the chance to connect with humanity in a whole new way

Merci for allowing me to reflect, to respond, and to be moved

Bless you for the opportunity to feel today


I honor your message

I honor your journey

I honor your pain

I honor your sorrow

I honor your healing

I honor you


Thank you for today’s gift of humility


There but for the grace of God, go I
~ John Bradford

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