The writing discovery

There is an old saying that “life imitates art” … and as this saying has come to mind today I realize just how accurate it is.

As part of composing my writing blog series I recently wrote a tale of drafting a poem about loss only to then lose this poem to the cloud (or some such internet black hole).

160310 Internet black hole

The tale then went on to highlight how in this loss a new opportunity arose. An opportunity to re-create this message but with a new vision, a new perspective, a new angle.

And long story short … the re-created poem of loss was far more powerful and far more impactful than anything I could have originally imagined.


This week I journeyed from Southern Maine to Western Massachusetts for a writing / editing retreat as part of my book journey.

The individual I was meeting with is someone I have known for well close to fifteen years. Someone who enters your life and becomes one of those special friends.

A friend where over time it becomes safe to share the most powerful positive emotions and feelings as well as those on the opposite end of the spectrum.

Where there is trust to say your truth and also where there is compassion and empathy to say it so it can be truly heard by the other person.


And this is where life and art intersect.


For five plus months I have written my book and more recently began the editing  process. And through it all I have experienced intense emotions.  And much like the first draft of the poem that I had lost back in January I felt connected to this story in a very special way. Actually in very special ways as the connections manifested in a variety of forms and on so many levels.


Prior to journeying west I had sent the first draft of my manuscript to my friend (who is an amazing writer, artist, and editor in her own right) and by the time I arrived she had blessed me with reading much of my work and making copious notes.


My friend’s feedback was exactly what I needed and at the same time portions very hard to hear. And as I have processed her wisdom I have realized that even though I have not literally lost my original manuscript (as I did my poem) I have actually discovered a book within it that has the potential to be far more powerful, far more impactful and most importantly of greater service to others.


Thank you Rachel Sachs Steele for your friendship, honesty, empathy, and care.

160310 Rachel and Tom


Perhaps what we have created through our friendship and this process is a relationship centered model of writing and editing.

Hmmmmmm …..

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