Treading the Phorcyian path

Is it quixotic to seek Hygeia …
As we tread the Phorcyian path

Is it brave to espouse Eleos …
As we seek to serve humankind

Is an Agape calling stronger …
Then the Kashmina pull to our soul

Can our strength pursue Arete …
As our weakness follows Circe

As Asclepius battles with Caduceus …
Are we to succumb to Plutusian temptations

Or is it with Alke we will carry forth …
Itus shining on through us all

As Aidos being of service …
And caring for this world

Bringing love to one another …
As we journey to the Mount

And improve the healthcare system …

As we avoid the darkness of Hades…

– Overtreatment
– Health disparities
– Physician and nurse burnout
– Patient and Family disengagement
– Patient Harm
… and more.


Hygeia – goddess of good health
Phorcys – god of the hidden dangers of the deep
Eleos – goddess of mercy
Agape – highest form of love
Kashmina – goddess, the temptress
Arete – goddess of goodness
Circe – goddess, temptress
Caduceus – Hermes’ staff
Asclepius – demi god of medicine
Plutus – god of wealth
Alke – goddess of courage
Itus – god of protection
Aidos – goddess of humility
Hades – god of the underworld

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